Digital Ground Hack!

     If it's sold in an art store and it's on sale, the chances of me buying it is pretty great. I don't have to know what the correct way to use it is...if I think it could serve any kind of purpose to me, I buy it!

     That's my thing; finding new and inventive ways to use things that completely disobey it's intended use. I'm a rebel. Not really though. I'm just cheap. Frugal as they come. I try to make what I need before I buy. (I'm talking about mediums, not embellishments)

     So, there I was, going through the sale items at Michael's when I came across Golden Digital Ground White Matte. Not a single clue what it was used for but I knew I could find a purpose for it. (I later found out it's for printing and whatnot). It sat with my other mediums for a little while until I brought it out this weekend and discovered something AMAZING! I was working on a piece, adding a rusted and patina affect to the surface and thought I could add some contrast with this 'digital ground' stuff. It altered my rusted surface to a whole 'nother level! Check this out...

You see the cloudy white texture in there? That's the ground!

Straight from the bottle, it is a very foggy white liquid. So when I applied it to the surface, I sprayed a little water on it to create a 'run' down the sides. I applied the heat gun to it to dry it faster.

I ran out of my Art Extravagance Rust Paste and had to make me some more...I used what I had and blended together acrylic paints and fine grain sand to the dark brown to add texture. I don't have the Patina Rust Paste set yet so I conjured up some of my own.
Not pictured-I also added some Folkart Sand Dollar Coastal Paint for texture.

Finished product! I just love my new use of Digital Ground White Matte!


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