I'm on CRACKle paste-Part 2

After waiting impatiently for nine long hours to come home and see how...my...paint... dried (omg I just did a little inside. I knew my life was pretty basic but I spent a whole day anxious to see how paint dried!) Well, to my surprise, it worked!

I noticed that there were more cracks in some places more than others so I'm guessing that I didn't blend the two mediums together very well. Some of the spots don't have any cracks at all. Oh well, I can always add some One Step Crackle to break them up. Or maybe I could do another layer of paste (more thoroughly mixed)!
Maybe Tim Holtz layering stencil "Crackle" will give me the look I'm going for...😏

I know I can simply Google some diy crackle paste recipes but I'm trying to avoid that avenue at all costs. This blog is about trying new things on my own and finding out what works...what doesn't... and alternative methods of madness! I've always done my own thing, now I want to take y'all along with me 😉

I'm thinking tomorrow I am going to play with bee's wax!! Stay tuned!!

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