Lock & Key

With the holidays now over, and more time to do what I want to do, I finally got a weekend to get some projects done. This will be my first submission as a design team member for Canvas Corp Brands and I sure hope I meet expectations.

Lock & Key was one of those projects that had no real 'plan' to it. My stash of scraps had built up and I had decided that it was time to use some of it. I recently purchased two Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists that I couldn't wait to try out. These mists are available at their shop, link below.

Now, normally I would have step by step pictures as the tutorial. Only this time, it's only a full video. I will briefly describe my process and then you can watch the video to see how it all came together.

Step 1: I adhered tissue paper (wrinkly) to a 5x7 canvas using modge podge. You can really use whatever you'd like. Just as long as it sticks! Make sure to get the sides too!

Step2: I added left over lace strips, sporadically placed. I was sure to coat them well with podge so they remained tightly adhered to the canvas. Let dry. I know, it's the hard part

Step 3: I spent a good while messing around with the embellishments that I wanted to use. I had some Idea-ology Clock faces, paper clay keyhole mould, gears and cog charms and even an old essential oil diffuser necklace pendant. When I got things where I wanted them to be, I glued.

Step4: Gesso! complete coverage. For the nooks and crannies, I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover Satin primer. It's quick drying and sticks!

Step 5: Using Golden's gel medium (matte), I stuck Texture sand and pebbles (Art Stones) in the deep parts of the composition to create depth and texture.

**I typically work from the deeper areas to the top layers, putting my darker hues at the base and lighter ones at top. Greater contrast!

Step 6: I'm impatient so I busted out the heat gun and gave the gel medium and stones a good zap just so it was firm, not necessarily dry. My first splash of color was with Ranger Perfect Pearls in 'Festival Green'. Like I said before, I apply the darker hues to the crevices and work my way up.

Step7: I add water to move the powder pigment around, allowing it to get to the places that my brush didn't touch. I kept on until I was satisfied with the look.

Step8: Next was the part I had been looking forward to since I placed my order...Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Vancouver. I spritzed it alongside the Festival Green, making sure they blended well.

Step 9: From there, I continued playing with the colors, adding Glimmer Mist in Sugar Silver to the deep deep places.

Step 10: It was hard for me to do but after getting the colors where I wanted them, I set the project aside and let it dry. Once it was, it was time for my all time favorite part...CRACKLING!!!

DecoArt One Step Crackle is amazing! It's just, like, ONE step and them bam! Cracks! I applied this magical medium to random places, making sure the leave some spots thicker for more exaggerated cracks.

Step 11: I felt like there could be more contrast. I know! I grabbed some embossing powder and sprinkled in into the cracks and grabbed the heat gun. Never tried that technique before but it seemed to do the trick!

Step 12: This final step is with a medium is right up there with One Step Crackle...Digital Ground White (matte). Ever since discovering this awesome creamy white gel, it has changed my 'vintage' technique. I don't know what the chemical reaction is but when I add it to my final pieces, it gives it such an aged, worn appeal that just speaks to me! The chalky white matte finish accents any piece of work. It truly does.

Anyway...I place a little blob on my craft mat and add just a tad of water. With my watercolor brush, I slop some up and fling it at the canvas creating splashes that fall where they may.

I applied my custom signature stamp (embossed it) and Boom, I'm happy.

My apologies again for the lack of still pictures to follow along with. But I hope you all enjoy this video.

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Materials Used:

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Sugar Silver

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