Brew Got Mail - CCB Crew Challenge

The challenge this month was to use REAL coffee or tea in your project. I am a coffee drinker so it was easy for me to come up with a plan.
I allowed a couple of scoops of coffee grounds to marinate in water for a day or so.

During those few days, I decoupage'd my wood mailbox with old dictionary pages and lightly brushed with heavy gesso.
When I was ready to paint with coffee I did what I would normally do: HAVE AT IT!
I covered the entire surface with this "paint" and found it to be quite rich. I was pleased. Look at how it dried!!
The texture that the grounds created is amazing!
Time for Texture! What better way to give your project texture than with ARCHITEXTURES! I love love the tall base Chicken Wire that I used to add depth to the surface of the mailbox. I cut it in sections and randomly placed it. I need to order more!
You need some ya go, click here
If you are not familiar with Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Paint Systems yet, then I HIGHLY recommend you check them out here! Go on, click it. I'll wait.
There are TONS of systems to choose from so no matter the look you are going for, they have it! each one comes with super simple instructions on how to use and your project will come out perfect. Promise!
For this challenge I used 'Weathered Copper' a bare metal faux finish. These are my favorite colors together and the end result is amazing. I used Tim Holtz Grunge Board and followed the steps on how to produce a bare metal effect.
75% of the materials used had to be CCB according to the challenge rules. I knew I could make that work, no problem. I did not, however, have any canvas or burlap flowers (CCB) that I could use so I had to use some of my 25% of  'other brand materials' to complete my embellishments.
Prima Marketing florals are some of my favorite. The colors, the textures, the elegance and diversity of each flower brings so much beauty to any project. For this piece, I used an arrangement of teal flowers because weathered copper, coffee and teal go so great together!!
As you can see from the images above, I had made a mess with the bare metal paints and I can't bring myself to waste a drop of them so I added the remainder to my floral arrangements.
Put this baby together!
When all the embellishments were in place, I used more of the Bare Metals Paint System to 'touch up' the entire surface of the mailbox, to give it a real patina look. A couple spritz of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Partridge in a Pear Tree to give a bronze sheen, and of course, my signature is Digital Ground White Matte and One Step Crackle randomly placed to give it the aged look that I adore! (Looking at these pictures...the digital ground looks like bird poop 😐)
In the end, I was very pleased! I LOVED this challenge for a number of reasons: I got to work with COFFEE! I got to use the COOLEST paint system, and I had a BLAST!
Wooden Mail box (mounted stand)
Folger's Coffee
Modge Podge
Dictionary pages (any old book pages will work)
CCB Burlap scraps
 7 gypsies loops and hooks- Antique Brass
Golden Digital Ground White Matte
DecoArt One Step Crackle


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