Lindsey Hall's CCB Challenge "We love you"

Ahhhh, the month of LOVE. I can't say that it is my favorite 'holiday' but it sure does provide some great inspiration!
My submission for this month's crew challenge "We ❤ You" is a altered glass bottle painted with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, adorned with CCB canvas, a burlap flower, and textured with Artͨ Texture Pebbles and Sand.
I started this project with an old...OLD Mountain Dew bottle that my dear weimaraner Roscoe found in the woods in front of our home. I am a sucker for the old and vintage so I cleaned it and stashed it away for the perfect project. This was it! I gesso'd the entire bottle in my extra thick homemade gesso.
After the gesso was dry, I glued a CCB canvas banner shield and wrapped the mid-section of the bottle with white waxed cotton cord from Canvas Corp Brands. (links below)
pay no mind to the sleepy child in the background.
I messed around with the layout of my embellishments for a things where I wanted before I committed. The colors that I was going to use were Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists in Rusty Red and True Blood. In case you aren't familiar with this mists...OMG! Spectacular pigment sprays with the most amazing shimmer and glimmer you will ever find! (links below)
I experimented with 'floating medium' and the mists on these grunge board cut-outs. Coated them in the medium and dabbed the colors randomly. I left them alone to dry without being sure what I would come back to. I had hoped for a really cool effect, but it seemed that the medium actually dulled the glimmer in these sprays. Good to know. Will not be doing that again.
Time to glue! Time to texturize and then time to spritz and spray!

Artͨ  Texture Pebbles and Textured Sand has quickly become my favorite way to add layers of texture and depth.
After a couple of minutes manipulating the sprays to dry where I wanted it to dry, I was satisfied. My love bottle was complete.

Glass bottle
Artͨ  Texture Pebbles
Artͨ  Textured Sand
Canvas Corp Brands-Waxed Cotton Cord
Canvas Corp Brands-Banner Shield
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist-True Blood
Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist-Rusty Red


  1. Simply stunning! Such amazing details! Thanks for joining the CCB Challenge!

  2. Love this Thanks for joining the CCB challenge.

  3. Love the grunginess! Thanks for joining us at CCB!

  4. wow, what a stunning make! I love your altered bottle!
    Thank you for joining in with our challenge at CCB!
    Evelyn xx

  5. A wonderful bottle! Thanks from the blog CCB!:)

  6. Really great work! Thanks for joing us from Canvas Corp Brands!

  7. Stunning! I love all details!! Thanks for joining us at Canvas Corp Brands!

  8. Love this!!! I need to look at old bottles differently! Makes for an unusual piece!

  9. Lovely altered bottle, subtlety created. Good job!!!

  10. Loving this!! The colours and layers look amazing!! Great take on our challenge!

  11. Beautiful work!! So glad you linked up to the Creative Studio CCB Challenge!!
    DT Karla


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