"Grow" CCB Crew April Challenge

This month's Crew challenge was a unique one; create a piece using something that actually grows. For those who know me, I am deeply memorized by nature and all that it provides. In fact, nearly all of my pieces include something from nature or something found in nature.
**If you don't know where I get my name 'GreenBox' from, it is what is referred to as a dumpster in my parts. I use objects that I find to which I give new purpose and life in the only way I know how, Art. I don't find them in the trash, of course, just random places whether it is in an old shed or along a path.**
Given the highly anticipated Spring season, I was fully prepared to create a project that reflected just that: SPRING. What better way to depict "growth" than Sping, right? The base of my project was a thin, unfinished wooden egg that was propped upright on a wood base. (purchased at my local JoAnn's)
STEP 1: I prepped my egg surface with gesso and allowed to dry. Once it was dry, I applied stencil to both the front and back of the egg surface using Golden Gel TopCoat (gloss).

STEP 2: I chose my embellishments and colors. (All of which are Tattered Angels)
Sea grass
Canvas strands
STEP 3: My favorite part! Apply colors!! I neglected to take more detailed photos, I'm sorry. What I did here was apply TA Glimmer Mists in Vancouver, Partridge in a Pear Tree, Crushed Shells and Verdigris sparingly to create hints of shimmer while creating an old vintage appeal. There were no rules when applying these mists. I just went with it, using spritz of water to help the flow and blend.
Once I forced the mists dry with my heat gun, I applied distress ink in Vintage Photo and Walnut to the raised stencil and outer edges of the egg with a blending tool. 
STEP 4: Arrange embellishments! The very first layer that I typically start with is a cloth texture of some sort. In this project, I used canvas scraps from Canvas Corp Brands. (the pieces that fray on the sides, ya know?)
The vintage bird ephemera that I used are actually the same image in two different sizes. I overlapped them and adhered them with 3D double sided foam squares to create depth.
Glue it all down!

STEP5: Arrange the floral embellishments and the sea grass. I have to play around and try different positions before I find what I like. After about 25 minutes, I finally did.

Last, add the Deco Art One Step Crackle randomly to top it all off.

Unfinished Wood Egg (mounted)
homemade gesso
Golden Matte Gel
Ranger Distress Ink in Vintage Photo
Ranger Distress Ink in Walnut

Check out Canvas Corp Brand Shop here!
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  1. Love this! The colors and texture on the egg are stunning, and the bird ephemera look great topping it off along with the texture of the seagrass, flowers and other bits.


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