It's that time of year again Witches!

It's that time again. Time for the 24/7 loop of the most epic Halloween movie ever made...Yup! Hocus Pocus! It's time for the skeletons, zombies and the unknown undead. Its also time for the first challenge for the Bleeding Art Design Team that I am ever so blessed to be apart of.

Not only is this the first project of the design team, but it is also the first project I have completed since February. I had taken a very much needed break from art and allowed creativity resurface. I'm slowly coming back.

So, with that said, this altered coffin was picked up from the local dollar store and modified it with the randomness of my stash drawer. I found all sorts of goodies in there from Tim Holtz apothecary bottles and gothic frames to mini skulls and spiders. I have no recollection of how those items became apart of my collection but sure glad to find them!

Unfortunately, I'm not going to do a step by step toot on this piece. I have to catch the next run of Hocus Pocus! Sorry Witches... 😈 No worries though, the next challenge will be allotted much more time for such instruction. (Past couple months have been ridiculous) I'm tired and worn. 

πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ’€☠️Happy Halloween!! ☠️πŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ


  1. OOOH, GORGEOUS both inside and out. I adore miniatures and you sure have included some great stuff. Amazing work. Hope to play in the challenges in the future. xxD

  2. So cool! This is why I love this season!


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