Anything Goes BleedingArt Challenge

I know that I said I would be giving you step by step tutorial this time around but...I'm sorry...I just created and never stopped to take pictures or pause for reflection. I think that's what hindered my creativity for so many months...having to stop and document each.and.every step of the process and not truly being able to enjoy the flow while I was in the moment. When I'm in the groove, that's where I need to stay in order to flourish. I can't do that when I'm clicking away with my phone. That's just not me.

I adore the opportunity to share my finished projects with you and become so inspired when I see other artist's work. With that said, I will share my latest project for BleedingArt Design Team for the November Challenge.

 This piece is comprised of random junk I had laying around in random places in mi casa. My favorite things are those that other define as "trash". The wooden drawer/box was used previously as some sort of junk tray and the stem is something I found in the shed. Not sure where it came from but I was glad to have it lol! My favorite part of this piece is the spring. I LOVE the old vintage springs. I have a ton of them throughout my house, all being used for multiple things. I use some as vases, some as Christmas ornaments, and some just as springs lol. Out here, where I am from there is an annual Labor Day Flea Market in Hillsville, VA that will top ANY flea market in the world...acres and acres of vendors...I got them there.

Vintage is my passion, my style. There is no better designer for my taste than Tim Holtz. The cardstock images of the little girls posing in their adorable Sunday outfits are from his collection.


  1. Wow, this is an awesome project Lindsey, stunning xx

  2. This is stunning . I am always forgetting to take step bg step photos too.

  3. This really speaks to me! Fabulous vintage grunge and composition! The flea market sounds like a great time!

  4. What a stunning project - just love every tiny detail.
    Alison x


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