Treasure Hunter

"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of Life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure."
~Joseph Campbell
As a relief for my anxiety, I walk around town a lot. On a daily basis, I probably circle the town of Floyd about 4 times, averaging about 10 miles per day. Yeah...I've got issues lol. My biggest one...I like to be outside.
On my excessive journeys I find a ton of rusted and discarded metals that I have to pick up. My collection of tetanus ridden materials includes things from nuts and bolts to drawer handles. Some things are completely unrecognizable except for their beautiful rusted patina color. My fave!
So with this collection, I decided to make something bigger with as many pieces as possible. This is what I came up with.
I started with Tim Holtz Configurations Shadow Box 6.75" x 8.75". I found these on sale at my local JoAnn's! How many of y'all will buy ANY craft supply if it is on sale? Whether you need it or not? This has probably sat in my closet for a good year or so, lol.
I gesso'd the entire box then applied Tim Holtz Idea-ology Worn Wallpaper to the inside of each individual square. I didn't do the sides, only the backside.
Also found on Michael's some time ago ;)
Old sheet music was applied to the outer surfaces and distressed guessed it...Tim Holtz's distress ink.

Digital Ground mixed with a little water was splashed on the piece to add a little contrast. Digital Ground is a wonderful distressing agent.

Added texture with Art Pebbles and Sand

This piece has been submitted for Bleeding Art's May Challenge "Anything Goes"!!
Check out the other submissions and submit your own here!


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